Debates in Dresden

As part of the spring meeting of the German Academy for Language and Literature, Debates on Europe will host two events at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum in Dresden.

The two panels are:

26th of May, Thursday, 5 p.m.
Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden | Marta Fraenkel Hall

Debates on Europe 1
Refugees, Resilience and the Rule of Law
Will Europe live up to its ideals?
Panel discussion

Russia’s war on Ukraine will have profound consequences for the idea of European integration as a “peace project”. Old inner-European controversies suddenly appear in a new light, lines of conflict shift, new alliances are formed. The backdrop of this uncertainty – perceived as an historical turning point, a Zeitenwende – is the question of how security and prosperity can be maintained in a situation characterized by cumulative crises. International experts and intellectuals will discuss this European quest for orientation, focusing on three main topics: refugee movements, the cultural and economic consequences of the crises, and the conflicting attitudes towards the rule of law as a basis for a democratic European project.

Piotr Buras (head of the European Council on Foreign Relations Warsaw office, Poland)
Kateryna Mishchenko (writer, publisher, translator, Ukraine)
Nicolai von Ondarza (German Institute for International and Security Affairs – SWP, Germany)
Moderator: Eric Maurice (Fondation Robert Schuman, France)

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26th of May, Thursday, 8 p.m.
Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden | Marta Fraenkel Hall

Debates on Europe 2
A War of Values
Can Europe find its place in a new world?
Panel discussion

Ukraine has become a battleground of a war of world views. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are defending not only themselves, but also some of the basic principles on which the European Union was founded: the right to self-determination clashes with aggressive imperialism; the urge to form a new future faces a retrotopian obsession with an allegedly glorious past. This war challenges the European Union to make clear that it is not only an economic community but actually a union based on certain non-negotiable values. But what does it take to reestablish such a normative alliance in a world where new powers rise, not only Russia, but also China? And what will be Ukraine’s place in that formation?

Sylvie Kauffmann (journalist and expert on international politics at Le Monde, France; current Robert Bosch Academy fellow in Berlin)
Mark Leonard (co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, UK)
Anton Shekhovtsov (political scientist and co-founder of the Centre for Democratic Integrity in Vienna, Ukraine)
Moderator: Volker Weichsel (editor of the monthly OSTEUROPA, Germany)

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The discussions will be held in English with simultaneous translation.

Both events are part of the spring meeting of the German Academy for Language and Literature

In cooperation with Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden

Funded by the Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States